JVC XM-R70 Loose Lid Fix (losen Deckel fix?)

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JVC XM-R70 Loose Lid Fix (losen Deckel fix?)

#1 Ungelesener Beitragvon lrh » Dienstag 19. März 2013, 17:35

Hallo Deutsch MiniDisc fans :-)

Sorry "nicht sprechen Deutsch" but I think non-English speakers will understand this post from the pictures. I wanted to post my new fix to this problem somewhere on the internet and your forum seems to be most active with discussion of non-Sony models.

Every owner of the JVC XM-R70 knows it is a very nice player/recorder but there are terrible problems with the disc tray lid/door. It doesn't close tight and if you press/shake the player the open/closed microswitch can be triggered. This resets playback and you can lose any TOC changes.

Originally when I bought the player in 2005 I fixed this by adding a ball of glue on the lid (see below in green). Looks ugly and works but after 8 years the glue has gone yellow and brittle. So I decided to open the player to find a better solution...

This first picture shows the problem and my first solution. When the lid closes it pushes a steel arm (red) which rotates and presses a microswitch (blue). Unfortunately from the factory there were very poor tolerances, the lid does not close fully and the steel arm is very loose, often not even touching the microswitch. My new solution is to bend the steel arm so it's always in contact with the switch and fully presses the switch when the lid is closed.


The bottom cover of the player is easy to remove with 4 screws on the bottom and 2 on the rear, but these are very small/tight so you need a good PH000 screwdriver. To accurately bend the steel arm you need to hold the lid-end of the arm in place with one set of pliers:


Then with a second set of small pliers you can bend the other end towards the switch (I couldn't hold both pliers and camera at the same time :zwinker:). Be careful you don't damage the switch or bend the arm down towards metal components below, or bend it up so the switch plunger can slide underneath:


After a few attempts and tests your arm should look like this when the lid is closed... Tight against the switch so if the lid moves/rotates the switch won't trigger and indicate the lid is open:


The new invisible solution works perfectly, no more problems except for the extinct Li-Ion battery but I see you guys have solutions for this ;-)

I wonder how many of these players were returned or thrown away because of this small fault??? Such a shame, if you have one with this fault now is the time to save it :top:

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Re: JVC XM-R70 Loose Lid Fix (losen Deckel fix?)

#2 Ungelesener Beitragvon Späteinsteiger » Dienstag 19. März 2013, 17:54

Hello lrh,

welcome and thanks for your detailed description. :top:


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